Becky’s New Car

Auditions will take place at the Warehouse Theatre on Monday December 16th starting promptly at 7:00 p.m.  Please plan to arrive by 6:50 to complete paperwork and check in.


No prepared material is necessary. Auditions will consist of reading scenes from the script.


4 Men  3 Women needed



Becky (Rebecca) Foster - a woman in her late 40s; narrator of her own story

Joe Foster - Becky's husband, a roofer, late 40s.

Chris Foster - their son, a psychology student, mid-20s

Walter Flood - a very wealthy businessman, widowed, 60s

Kensington (Kenni) Flood - Walter's daughter, 23-ish

Steve - Becky's co-worker, widowed, age 50-ish

Ginger - a neighbor of Walter's, single, 50s


*NOTE: Ages are approximate and suggested; actual age of actor may vary.


The Story: Becky Foster is caught in middle-age, middle management and in a middling marriage - with no prospects for change on the horizon. When a socially inept and grief- stricken millionaire stumbles into the car dealership where Becky works one night, Becky ends up being offered nothing short of a new life. So the question becomes, should she take it?


Variety magazine called Becky’s  New Car : “... gently and consistently funny - right up to the point that it's touching, and then even a little bit after that.”