Dear Patrons and Members,


After much deliberation, the Warehouse Theatre Company has decided that – for the safety and health of our patrons, actors and technicians – we must cancel Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical.


With the continued rise of COVID-19 cases in the Valley, it’s clear to us that Matilda would not be able to re-start rehearsals on June 22 to open on July 31. The risks to all concerned are real, and it just wouldn’t be wise to force this issue.


It saddens us a great deal to make this call, but we would be much sadder still if anyone associated with the WTC caught the virus because we pushed ahead.


To our wonderful 2019-2020 season coupon holders, please look for information to arrive in your mailbox soon outlining your options concerning your ticket to the cancelled show.


This COVID-19-caused cancellation will have a significant impact on our revenue. We stand to fall short between $20,000 to $30,000 net revenue since we have now lost two consecutive shows. But, thanks to the support you’ve shown in the past, and the concern you continue to show as members of our theatre family, we’re hopeful and thankful in the face of this pandemic.


We look to weather this storm and open our 2020 – 2021 season in September.


We keep saying it, but it becomes more true every day: We can’t wait to hold our “family reunion” once the concern over this virus is safely behind us! Together, we can get through anything.


Until the then, please stay safe!