Even while we're not producing theatre in front of live audiences, there are many opportunities to get involved with your theatre company.

We are now accepting applications from outside the Board of Directors to join committees that help to shape our shared experiences in theatre arts.  Due to the limited number of spaces available, applications will be reviewed by committee chairs and if selected, you will serve alongside WTC board members in generating creative ideas and making recommendations to WTC leadership.

Applications accepted until August 31.

Available Committees

Play Selection Committee

Review director and script submissions to recommend a season of plays to the Board.

Committee expectations:

  • Meet as necessary throughout the year to create and submit for Board discussion and approval a slate of plays and their directors for each successive season.

  • Gather script/director submissions and discuss potential productions.

  • Read and discuss proposed scripts.

  • Arrive at potential seasons using the following “filters": 

    • Appropriateness for the typical WTC audience in terms of content and language

    • Balance between classic and modern/new/unusual; dramatic and comedic; “straight play” and musical.

    • Fiscally responsible

  • Submit the annual list of plays for the coming season to the Board by November of each year.

  • Generate an expanded list of plays and directors for consideration in building additional seasons for production beyond the next immediate season.

  • Encourage new directors by pairing them with veteran directors as a means of apprenticeship and educating them regarding WTC policies and expectations. 

  • Coordinate with the Marketing committee to advertise director/play submission opportunities and deadlines.

Marketing Committee

  • Coordinate and execute marketing strategies for productions and the company.

Committee expectations:

  • Meet as needed in preparation for each production (at least 5 times/season).

  • Assist with general WTC marketing/branding in addition to show specific publicity.

  • Consider budget constraints to create a marketing plan for each production.

  • Collect and analyze data to make informed decisions while recognizing the need for experimentation and creativity.

Children's Theatre Committee

Plan and participate in children's outreach through productions or camps gear toward school-aged participants.

Committee expectations:

  • Clarify the desired outcomes for WTC’s children’s theatre program

    • Theatre education

    • Theatre by children

    • Theatre for children

  • Meet as needed throughout the season

  • Strategize methods and implementation of day camps and theatre performances for school aged performers.

  • Coordinate with other theatre organizations to establish project plans.

  • Actively participate in the execution of committee projects.

  • Ensure a positive and safe experience for all participants.

Backstage Committee

Develop best practices for set, lighting/sound, costuming, and props storage, organization, and use.

Committee expectations:

  • Meet as needed throughout the season

  • Actively participate in projects and assignments.

  • Consider the needs of all areas of theatre production in your decision making.

  • Help to maintain safe and productive use of backstage space and equipment.

Front-of-House Committee

Recruit and train ushers, house managers, and concessionaires in addition to serving as a liaison between the audience and WTC.

Committee expectations:

  • Meet as needed throughout the season and in preparation for productions.

  • Recognize your role as the company’s first impression to patrons and promote the image of WTC with positive attitudes and interactions with volunteers and audiences.

  • Recruit and utilize community volunteers to support WTC projects.

  • Maintain volunteer contact database.

  • Broaden community involvement with WTC through volunteerism.

  • Participate in projects such as lobby cleaning, concession stocking, ticket distribution, usher recruitment.

  • Coordinate with the Marketing committee to advertise volunteer opportunities and recruitment.

Special Projects Committee

Coordinate with board of directors to organize, support, and produce unique and specific projects (e.g. Winnie Awards, one-off performances, etc.).

Committee expectations:

  • Meet as needed to plan and organize projects not normally scheduled.

  • Remain flexible and creative as the nature of this committee is to serve the organization through irregular or inconsistent projects.

  • Assist with production of special events planned by the committee.

  • Coordinate with the marketing committee to advertise special projects.

Audience Experience Committee

Coordinate with the board of directors to generate ideas to make the audience’s experience better.

Committee expectations:

  • Meet as needed to generate ideas and plans directly benefiting the audiences and patrons of WTC productions.

  • Generate mission-based and financially responsible project proposals to the WTC Board.

  • Assist with the execution of approved proposals planned by the committee.

  • Coordinate with the marketing committee to advertise committee projects.